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Princess Ruto Didn't Forget the Promise Princess Ruto Didn't Forget the Promise

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Art is decent in some places and not so much in others. The audio is random and pretty dumb. You should really warn people in the title or at least the mini description thing if it's a Games Grump thing. I hate these and would have avoided it if I had known, rather than zero bombing you. Because that's what I did.

gamegrouches responds:

That sounds like a "You" problem

Abo and Karo Mini Movie Kickstarter! Abo and Karo Mini Movie Kickstarter!

Rated 3 / 5 stars

The animation here is quality stuff, like all of your animations, however I'm not blind to the baby-kissing-politician tactic of having a child completely unrelated to the project sit next to you while you ask for money.

Now don't get me wrong, you're using your talents to present animations and honestly it wouldn't be wrong for you to look for compensation for your time and effort. People often forget that making art is a job and, at the very least, contributes as much to entertainment as a football player who gets paid insane amounts, sometimes just for warming a bench. So please don't think I'm saying your time and effort aren't worth anything, but this video has left me with some questions.

Well, one question really: What does that $75,000 go to?

Over on your Kickstarter page you somewhat vaguely address this question, but I was hoping to get more information. You repeatedly compare the animation you're hoping to make to animations on television. Is this animation you're hoping to make with $75,000 going to be on television somewhere? If it's just a thing for Youtube then your reasoning seems a little suspect. Also you go on to say you need money for a recording studio. Wouldn't it be faster, simpler, and potentially more effective to find voice actors online rather than taking local ones or whoever to a studio? The voice work in this animation is already high quality and doesn't really need improvement, so the studio would presumably be for someone else. I believe you could cut that cost altogether and then you'd be able to lower your goal, which would work out better for everyone other than the studio owner. Additionally, the animation in this video is already great. Are you planning to have the 11 minute animation in a different art style? In the time you've specified as your deadline you could complete the animation on your own without the aid of a studio, so if people end up seeing an 11 minute animation with an art style like this video, they would likely suspect that you just pocketed the money rather than hiring anyone. Which studio do you plan to use, by the way? I would like to check out their prices personally, just to satisfy my own curiosity. I get that you want to pay your voice actors which is admirable, but even if you paid them $50 per line in 11 minutes I can't see that costing you more than $8000. And you have character designers as a cost. That's another thing that you could probably eliminate and cut your goal down a bit in cost too. You seem creative, I believe you would be quite able to design your own characters.

Like I said before, if you were saying "making these animations for you guys takes time and in that time I'm not making any money at all, so I would appreciate anything you guys are willing to donate" then I would agree. It's work and it's not unreasonable for you to get a profit out of it. But since you're very clearly stating that none of this money will end up in your pocket, I would really like a more specific breakdown of where all this money is going and I think anyone preparing to send you money deserves that. So if you could be so kind as to explain how much, specifically, you're planning to put toward each cost (for example "$21,000 will go to licensing sound effects, $11,000 is set aside to pay 22 different voice actors, etc") I feel it would go a long way toward putting any potential investors at ease. Thank you and good luck!

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Sykohyko responds:

thanks for the feedback @blessing! We just posted a pie chart of all the costs on our kickstarter page and facebook fan page

ZTV News Episode 7 ZTV News Episode 7

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This series is brilliant. You make 3 motion-tweened animations, copy and paste them over a 5 minute video, and with 20 minutes worth of "animation" work you've got a 4+ star video. Very clever. Even the writing is just a lifeless odd-looking woman thanking her fans and swearing. Probably finished in one trip to the toilet. This is arguably the most efficient flash series on the internet. Minimum effort with maximum returns. Kudos.

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Recent Game Reviews

Coming Out Simulator Coming Out Simulator

Rated 2 / 5 stars

This game is surprisingly chatwords go by so faswanted to read it all but whenconds to read 9 seconds worth of dialeans sadly I missed half the story caushile the next line is popping up and flying by. You should have a butgo back and read the stuff I missthout it the whole thing is an unintelligible blur.

Your text went by too fast. That's the short version. I know that for you it probably doesn't seem that way (you already know what it says, your mind fills in the blanks) and for someone with above average reading speed it may be okay, but you have full 10 word sentences getting .8 seconds of screen time and stuff, over and over. Eventually I gave up. It didn't seem like I would be able to enjoy the game while making decisions based on 40% of the text. You should really either have a button to progress to the next screen-worth of text, have much less text, or have some button for pausing the text and maybe even going back to review the chat log.

Alternatively, you could have one of the opening options be "Accept that you're gay with someone who loves you and be happy, since the opinions of those who don't care about and accept you shouldn't matter since life's too short. After all, truthfully your sexuality is no one's business but you and the person you're putting your penis inside of." It would be a much shorter, happier game. Sorry your life sucks or whatever. Hope it gets better.

Time Experiment Time Experiment

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

When I go left I can never go in any other direction again, he just keeps running left forever. You should adjust your movement code.

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Little Phobia Little Phobia

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I like the art, the music, and the atmosphere. It's a fun idea too. Unfortunately, something seems off with the coding or something. Every time I press a key the game reacts as if I'm holding that key. So I'm constantly in motion unless I sit down and stand back up. This wasn't a problem until the game told me to close my eyes. I could never open them again.

Recent Audio Reviews

Map Travel Map Travel

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I disagree with the last reviewer. I can perfectly picture piloting my airship across the map while this music plays. It has a grand feeling of exploration and adventure to it. Very well done!

Stella - Coast 2 Coast Stella - Coast 2 Coast

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Sounds like you started with an awesome song with a kickass sound and then right when you were about to start singing the floor dropped out and you began plummeting to your death. Ah, screamo.

Erikio responds:

Funny you call us scremo.....we hate scremo music ;)

Lejin - Inside yo head Lejin - Inside yo head

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Fuckin Hilarious!

This is great. I almost fell out of my chair with laughter. The rhymes are so awful (like rhyming a word with the same word four times in the song) and the lyrics make this guy sound like such a douche. So many people try to write these serious songs and post them on newgrounds, it's refreshing to see someone with a sense of humor. Some people will probably think you really are a dick like that, but I can tell you just wrote these lyrics to be funny. No one is THAT much of a fucking moron. Good job though, you could be like Tenacious D or something. Please right more funny shit. That's what I'm excited about.

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Lejin responds:

Thats why i dont bother writing anymore. These haters arent worth actually trying for. Without even trying im a much better entertainner than all of these angry zero bombers who write blogs about me...lmfao thanks brah.

Recent Art Reviews

Undyne Undyne

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

The coloring's pretty good, but why doesn't she know how to operate pants? I think she'd be smarter than that.

CypressDahlia responds:

You're hilarious.

Mistys balls Mistys balls

Rated 0 / 5 stars

How is this rated E?...

BillroyandJonjon responds:

How are you a blessing? If you can tell me what's dirty about it i'll change the rating.

Mario Kart Commission Mario Kart Commission

Rated 4 / 5 stars

"Stop Toad! I won't let you commit suicide via blue shell!" Yoshi called out, realizing that the blue shell would home in on whoever was in the lead. "Banana cream tuesday smelly Godzilla crescendo baseball!" Toad replied. The clear expression of confusion on his face said it all: Toad had gone daffy. Tears began to leak from the corner of the mushroom midget's eyes as some small part of him realized what he was about to do, but his sanity remained only a passenger in his mind. It was the voice without reason at the wheel today. "Curtain froth web peel. Stem butter branch nugget?" he whispered sincerely. His legendary final words. With that, he released the shell.

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